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Green Dodge Challengers at MoparAttitude.com
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The first Green Dodge Challenger in our paint database was in 1970, with 4 green paint shades named Light Green, Dark Green, Sublime, and Green Go.

The latest offering of Green on a Dodge Challenger is available now in the 2018 model year, with one shade of green paint named F8 Green.

In our database we found 25 offerings of Green in 12 of the 21 production years of the Challenger (1970-1974 and 1978-1981 and 1983 and 2008-2018). We have included all shades of blue that have a hint of green as well. Below is a list of all offerings of Green on a Challenger in our database with examples where we've found them. Click on the example or manufacturing code for more information.

yearpromotional namemanuf code
1970 Light Green F4 DT7738
Dark Green F8 DT7557
Sublime J5 DT7610
Green Go J6 DT7651
1971 Medium Green F3 DT7652
Dark Green F7 DT7653
Dark Green F8 DT7557
Light Green J3 look up
Green Go J6 DT7651
Citron Yella Y3 look up
1972 Fiesta Green F3 DT7652
Dark Green F7 DT7653
1973 Pale Green F1 DT7745
Light Green F3 DT7652
Dark Green F8 DT7746
1974 Frosty Green G2 DT7773
Deep Sherwood G8 DT7776
Avocado Gold J6 DT7762
1978 Green 006 look up
1980 Bright Green G80 look up
2008 Melbourne Green PL look up
2011 Green with Envy GE look up
2015 Sublime FB look up
2017 Green Go PGM look up
2018 F8 Green PFQ look up
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